Eerie voices, looming shadows, dangling tree trunks with the crescent moon hung up in the sky like a fluorescent. Faster and faster I ran with my heart throbbing like the hoof beats of a horse.
Let me introduce myself and how I got here:
I am Zendaya Hawkins, a 15 year old 1.6ft tall teenager who's full of life. I am also a student of Westport High School who up until now had a peaceful life. I was invited to a friend's birthday party and, although Mom told me not to go, I snuck out of the house when everyone was asleep. Yeah, Mom might ground me but not after hearing that I'm being held hostage by Westport's most wanted criminal, Zach Robertson a serial killer and a psychopath.
The room reeked of alcohol and a choky stench, so I had to take a break to breathe in fresh air and that was when Zach kidnapped me. I regained consciousness in a dark room, it was so dark I had to squint to see most things there. A trephine, a knife, blood soaked rags and other equipment which made me develop goose bumps all over. I almost threw up. Then, I saw him in the other room and gasped. "No! No!! No!!! It can't be", I thought.
I've always heard news of how he tortured his victims till their last breath, never did I once think that I'd be one of them some day. I tried looking for my phone to call someone for help. He had taken my phone too. Oh no! How would I get out of here alive?! Then I remembered my lighter. I struggled to bring it out then I started using to burn the rope he used to tie me.
Fifteen minutes later, I was done. It was pure luck that he hadn't noticed my attempt to escape yet. I stood up carefully and pain racked through my body like an arrow. I staggered to take my phone and saw him watching me. He came closer and as dragged me I got the chance to hit him in the groin. Before he could make a grab for me again, I scrambled out into the forest.
So you know how I got here...
A snarl! Oh! He's gotten to me, he's caught me! Oh I'm a goner. He's beating the living daylight out of me.
The next thing I could hear was, "Zen how are you feeling?"
The police had intervened and my parents were here already.

Does it matter how I really got out? I think all that matters now is how I got Westport's most wanted into jail. I think that counts for something and, I really am a famous person now. Even the cheerleaders want to get acquainted with me.



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