Abolaji Ajala
2 min readFeb 2, 2022


How to care for one's body

Studies have shown that humans are immediately attracted to good scents even when they are in foul moods. Though with the climate in our continent Africa, we can't help but sweat and with it comes malodorous odours. However this doesn't hinder one from smelling nice.
Body odour can cause embarrassment, low self esteem and even disgrace but you can be rest assured that after putting the following steps to use, you would be able to walk into a room with renewed confidence.
1) Shaving: Our pubic hairs are to be shaved and not left to grow anyhow as it can aid body odour. Shaving every month depending on how fast one's hairs grow isn't too much for a clean hygiene.

2) Exfoliating one’s armpits: You might say I don’t have time for exfoliating or where should I get the time for exfoliating but this process shouldn’t take up to 15 minutes at all. I’m sure we all have some days we are free, exfoliating can be done during those free periods. Get a bowl with a piece of towel and warm water. You can add oils if you like or have. Soak the piece of towel in the warm water and take it to your underarms then keep it there for at least 30 seconds. Do the other also.

3) Bathing well: During dry season our bodies produce more heat than normal so taking our bath is very important. You can take your bath as much as you like as far as there’s still water on earth. This helps to keep the body in a good condition.

4) Eating healthy: We should remember that urine isn’t our only waste product; sweat also is. There are foods that aren’t good for personal consumption. I would have loved to list some but finding what doesn’t suit you would be better because it might not be the same for me. You know yourself better.

5) Washing our underwears/clothes: Some wear their underwears for a week. This shouldn’t be so. After wearing it for the first time, if it is still neat, spread it under the sun to dry then you can pick it up to wear for the second time. The same goes for our clothes.

5) Use of fragrances : Lastly, this isn't compulsory. Not everyone can cater for their basic necessities so adding another less important thing to the list won't help. However there are fragrances below 1000 naira that could also aid us smell nice.

Note: Fragrances should not be used in place of the first 5 tips as fragrances only aid good odour they can't cover bad odours. Good scents attract people.

These steps have been tried and tested and I hope they work for you too. Do your best to take good care of yourself.