Abolaji Ajala
2 min readMay 30, 2022



It’s another beautiful day to make a difference. Here are certain ways to make this week worth it:

  1. Create a to-do list and follow it to the latter:

Most times as creatives, we find procastination setting in. Our bodies like comfort and doesn’t want any form of stress. I create my to-do list during the weekend and continue filling it up as the week goes by to prevent any excuses.

In order to ensure accountability and capability we need a to-do list, but most times we end up not completing our work.

Maybe, because of certain excuses that might come up our way but here’s what I do. I try my possible best not to pack too much work load in a day. In the end, I’ll be so overwhelmed with the workload that I might not complete them.

So, I do what I call the sifting method. Our bodies are fully charged on the first few days of the week due to the adequate rest it might have had during the weekend, therefore the first three days of the week are days to fire on.

Choose those works that require enough energy and work on them thoroughly.

Each baby steps are going to make a mighty imprint one day.

2) There should be a space for fun :

The adage “all work and no play…” is really true. After you might have itemized what you need to do, add in some fun. It’s a to-do list, you don’t have to be to strict with it.

Fun for some might be pressing their phones, playing games, replying chats, listening to music,name it all but in all that you do, never forget that the fun shouldn’t take over the whole day.

As for me, I love finishing up my work before having fun because I might not go back to work again😂. Pardon me but we all are different. Choose the one that works best for you.

3) Reward yourself :

Whenever you achieve a huge milestone, reward yourself. It might be daily, weekly or monthly. I’ll advise that you cut your cloth according to your size.

It could be shawarma, pizza, icecream or anything that you like. You do you.

Rewards would spur you to achieve more next time and in the long run, you’ll have finished up your activities for the week.

Get up! Go get your goals!